Teeth Alignment Cost in India

The cost of braces ranges from 35k to 95k, but the actual cost of braces can vary depending on the type of braces the dentist you choose for your treatment and the severity of your problem.

 Clear aligners are a type of orthodontic treatment that helps to align or straighten teeth without the use of the conventional metal braces/ ceramic braces and wires. This new innovative and advanced technology has changed the lives of many people irrespective of their age, gender and profession. You must be wondering how much these Invisible braces cost in India. The typical price of aligners in India is usually higher than regular metal braces but still cheaper than abroad or foreign company.

The cost of Clear Aligners ultimately depends on the type of treatment your Orthodontist recommends for your teeth correction. There are other factors also due to which the aligners cost may differ, i.g manufacturer, quality of aligners, number of aligners, lab charges, Tax or GST etc.

Teeth Straightening Surgery Cost

The minimal cost of an aligner treatment starts from INR 90,000 onwards. If we compare the cost of braces and aligners, Clear Aligners are slightly costlier than regular braces treatment. There are many reasons why people prefer aligners over braces, e.g they are nearly invisible, convenient to use, removable, No dietary restrictions and fewer visits to the dentist, No brackets or wires, Extremely smooth and hassle-free to wear, Thin and light

Suggetions: Clear Aligners Before and After

We suggest you consult a licensed orthodontist to get the exact treatment cost for your dental requirements. 32 Watts Clear Aligners provide the best orthodontic Treatment in India; Their main motto is to align your teeth with no compromises in bringing the brightest smile to your face.


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